Playstation 3: update 3.10

hello all!

As you Playstation 3 owners may know there is a new update available. 3.10.

This brings the ‘social networking’ scene to the Playstation, a new photo gallery, and the ability to change the language and settings to polish! 🙂


I do believe that as 2010 begins, it will be a good year for the Playstation.

Xbox owners are waiting for ‘Natal’, and the joyful Wii owners are waiting for ….. Wii fit 3! 🙂

As Sony slowly increase the number of sales of the  Playstation 3 (thanks to Playstation 3 slim), the PS3 is becoming more and more unique and the term ‘but it has blu-ray’ is lost in time.

SOOOOOO, Facebook and twitter are coming to the Playstation. about time really.

I don’t know about you, but, I have wanted to show of my trophies to my Facebook friends for a longgg time! 🙂 (yes, that is sad)

also; cross game voice chat.    We all want it, we all need it.  Imagine playing MGS4 whilst speaking to your best friend who is playing uncharted 2……  yeah imagine! 🙂

any way thanks for reading! 🙂

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