NEW ZELDA???????

what is this, new Zelda, new gameplay, new character.   AHHHHH

As a Zelda fan I always get excited when a new Zelda is revealed.

yes, yes I am aware the poster for this new Zelda has been out for a while….


Yep, no sword.     which at first I was quite bemused about. I mean surely the guys at Nintendo will want to take advantage of the motion plus (considering now it actually makes the damn remote work)…..  I mean thinking about it, is there any Zelda APART FROM LINKS CROSSBOW TRAINING that does leave him with out a sword???

so any way, I was reading on IGN that Nintendo are going to include the motion plus, which is a good thing of course. But will it be another one of those ‘gimmiks’

“We’re making efforts regarding the total flow of the Zelda game,” says Aonuma a bloke from Nintendo, “So far, the basic flow of the Zelda games is you’re exploring a field, you go to a dungeon, you conquer it and return to the field. We’re looking at altering that traditional flow. That’s all I can share, and I can’t say more until E3 next year.”  next year being 2010.

So no more field running/galloping.   I hope that doesn’t mean the Poes are taken from the new game! 😦

Putting new life into old game is beneficial, just look at Modern Warfare. Bang in online play, better gameplay, and the whole Call of Duty franchise is rolling around in money! 🙂 (I am aware CoD is not old compared to some games, but bare with me)

How ever I hope that Nintendo don’t  make this another one of those ‘family friendly’ games. Whereas instead of chopping of a zombies head with 1:1 swordplay, you’re feeding your (f**king) animals.

Looking at the poster, it does arouse me ‘Zelda’ senses (haha if they exist).

I really am excited to see what direction Nintendo is taking the Zelda franchise. I have enjoyed every Zelda game i’ve played thus far…why would this one let me down?

Thanks for reading!


I’m going to make some tea!


November 19, 2009. Uncategorized.

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